The Man Who Arrested
Doc Holliday...
"The Life and Crimes of Perry Mallon"
by Peter Brand

A new booklet, from "Earp Vendetta" researcher Peter Brand, is now available on the notorious life of Perry Mallon. This booklet details, for the first time, Mallon's origins, his early life, and the criminal history that set him on a collision course with John Henry "Doc" Holliday.

"Peter Brand's work is a model of how "grassroots history" empowers, illuminates, and extends our understanding." - Gary L. Roberts, author of Doc Holliday, The Life and Legend.

"Peter Brand is a seamless writer - at once erudite and hitting the nail on the head with the right word to make the text flow - smooth and compelling." - Mark Warren, author & WOLA member.

"An important addition to the field. Reading the booklet is like a guilty pleasure: you cringe in disgust at Mallon's sorry exploits, but you are held in fascination, the result of Peter Brand's ability to understand and reveal the character." - Paul Cool, author, researcher & WOLA member.

56 pp, including an Introduction by Gary L. Roberts, footnotes and bibliography.
$14.00 (Includes Postage)

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