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VOL I  and  VOL II

Have you ever wondered who lived in Tombstone in 1880, or tried to find a particular individual in the 1880 Census of Tombstone?  Wading through the census, and deciphering the handwriting can sometimes be an effort of frustrations and futility.  With the 1880 Census Index of Tombstone Arizona Territory, one can save time and effort by searching for individuals in the alphabetized census listings of the Tombstone area.

The 1880 Census Index of Tombstone Arizona Territory is divided into two volumes, which are subdivided into geographical area sections as were originally taken by the census enumerator.

Volume I consists of the Census of Tombstone and the Village of Tombstone. 

Volume II consists of the Census of Charleston, Contention, and the Country, which is in the rural area surrounding Tombstone.

The 1880 Census Index of Tombstone Arizona Territory lists each individual alphabetically, as well as provides information concerning their age, occupation, and place of birth.  The page, line, and sheet numbers of each individual is also listed according to where they are listed in the original census sheets.  Additional information of a particular individual can be further examined by using the page, line, and sheet numbers to reference to the photocopies of the original census sheets provided at the last half of each volume.  An example sheet is also provided to see what additional information is found on an original census sheet.  The spelling of various names of individuals was left unaltered, although it was quite obvious that many names were spelled incorrectly by the census enumerator.

The 1880 Census Index of Tombstone Arizona Territory, will provide valuable information and insight to those individuals, whether either famous, infamous, or common folk who lived in Tombstone during the early days of infancy and contributed to its legend.

It should be noted here that Tombstone was in Pima County, when the 1880 census was taken in June of that year.  Cochise County was not created until February 1, 1881.  The front cover of this publication shows a map of Cochise County, in 1895.  Its purpose is to display the relationship of Tombstone to its surrounding communities and not to indicate that Tombstone was in Cochise County in 1880.

$27.00 each Volume (Includes Postage)

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